HK vs UK ‘s Edu

ImageHK and UK education are totally two difference things!

First of all, in term of teaching styles, HK teacher are very strict with students. We need to pay 100% attention in classes and they will scold us if we haven’t done what they asked us to do. All we need to do is complete homework on time. Do revision every day is very important as there is edge competition in HK. However in UK we got freedom during classes. Students are willing to ask questions and explore knowledge by themselves, instead of being ‘spoon-fed’ by teacheImager.

With respects of workload, HK’s is much heavier then UK. We got homework every day and hand in them the next morning. If we can’t hand it in on time, punishment is waiting for us. We then have to finish it before we go back home, otherwise, warning will be given.

As for as the class sizes are concerned, HK’s got around 25-30 students, but in UK there is only 15 people. I like small classes teaching as teacher can take care student’s need individually. It’s good for learning as student can ask questions whenever they like.

ImageIn HK, teachers expecting you can always get the first place. However, UK teachers only require you to try your best.

As for the friendships, It’s pleased that my friends in and outside the classes at both places are very nice to me. I’m very lucky to have such good friends in my life.


One response to “HK vs UK ‘s Edu

  1. Hey Nat!!! Singapore’s education is somewhat similar to Hong Kong. There is also after school tuition if I am not wrong. I totally agree with you on the homework part! That was why I was a bit shock intially when we got a few days to write an essay. I also feel very lucky to have met a friend like you <3.

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