YEAH!!!!! Finally im now 17… but still a child. can i just forever stay at 17? like edward and bella? fine i know its unrealistic. hahaha. anyway, my birthday was amazing. How? ok let me explain. at first i thought no one remember my b-day. And i was really upset that i might need to celebrate it alone…

when i was ready to sleep after taking shower on 11:59 am 16/11, suddenly someone knocked on my door. i opened it and i was like OMG. The girls in my class and my roommate were standing outside with balloon, gifts, banner and b-day cake. it was so touching and i did cried. these thing never happen on me before. im glad that i got lots of good friends like them, pls allow me to say: i love u guysssssss. ill never forget it.

on 17/11 night i went to watch movie with yoke and roommate. ok, dun hv to guess, its twilight!!!!!!!


this movie is as amazing as always…even not words can describe how amazing it is. i love edward bella…. in sane..

anyway the soundtrack are really good, here is one of my favourite.


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